It's Only the Himalayas

Author: S. Bedford

S. Bedford's debut memoir doesn't just chronicle her 10-month adventure across Africa and Asia, it gleefully reports on the awkward side of backpacking and reveals the naked truth of self-discovery.

From South Africa (where she swam with sharks and ran from lions), to Nepal (where she met with her father to trek the Annapurnas in Chucks), to India (where she stumbled her way into an underwear commercial), and Thailand (where she was unintentionally involved in drugging an Englishman), Bedford’s chaotic year of backpacking was not exactly the Eat Pray Love journey she’d been expecting.

"A hilarious travelogue for a social media generation ... Bedford has an admirable ability to deftly make even the grossest moment engrossing." —Publishers Weekly

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S. Bedford

S. Bedford dreamed of publishing a book before her 30th birthday, and this spring, she achieved that goal by the skin of her teeth. Bedford's debut memoir, It's Only the Himalayas: And Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker, was released on April 5, twelve days before her birthday. 

A well-traveled nomad who has accidentally locked herself in a bathroom in over fifty countries, Bedford's memoir is vivid, hilarious, and leaves nothing to the imagination. 

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