(esp. of domestic animals) brownish, grey, or tawny
with streaks or spots of other colours

(of animals' eyes) very pale blue, almost white

Brindle & Glass Publishing is named for Paddington (Paddy) Foran, a Catahoula Leopard hound (wolf-headed variety) with brindle fur and one glass eye.

He had a louche majesty about him, the aspect of royalty in exile; there never was a nobler dog. His aloofness and fastidiousness was in many ways feline—he would even clean his face by licking his front paw and dragging it across his brow as cats do. He reviled gaiety, especially dancing, and felt honour-bound to put a halt to it whenever it threatened to break out.

He enjoyed food and liquor, especially beer. Some dogs are bibliophages—book-eaters—Paddy never laid a paw or a tooth on one.

Wherever he is now, a pizza is delivered every ten minutes, and he gets to eat both the pizza and the delivery boy.

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